Perth String Quartet & Ensembles For Weddings & Events

Sweethearts Music in Perth is proud to offer the Perth String Quartet and Ensembles, the cream of classical music all wrapped up in sophistication and elegance. Based in Perth, Western Australia this talented group promises an enchanting selection of music to suit all occasions.

  • 24 Years Experience in servicing corporate events in Perth
  • Operating Since 1999
  • String Quartet & Ensembles
  • Professional Corporate Musicians
  • Servicing all areas of Perth

  • Symphonic and Operatic arrangements are a specialty in addition to the famous classical chamber works. Instrumental versions of popular songs, film music and jazz make for a diverse repertoire with something for everyone. Book your event today and experience the magic of the Perth String Quartet and Ensembles!

    Some Of The Happy Clients That Recommend Our Expertise:

    Having gathered an impressive array of degrees and awards, our amazing musicians have acquired rich and varied experiences in Australia and overseas.

      “Over the years we have played at almost all the big venues around Australia such as Parliament House, Sydney Opera House, Perth Concert Hall as well as grandiose hotels, exotic retreat locations and wineries.”

    Our clients include:

    The Dalai Lama,
    Prime Ministers and Mayors of New York
    Condoleezza Rice
    Jeb Bush
    Famous celebrities including John Travolta, Aretha Franklin
    as well as Australian rugby teams and at numerous sporting occasions.

    Experience Symphonic & Operatic Arrangements in Perth

    At Sweethearts Music in Perth, we specialise in symphonic and operatic arrangements, adding a touch of grandeur to your event. Our talented musicians are well-versed in delivering exquisite renditions of classical chamber works that resonate with sophistication. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or special occasion, our symphonic and operatic arrangements will create an unforgettable atmosphere. We offer a wide range of repertoire to choose from, including:

    Popular classical pieces:

    We can perform all of your favourite classical pieces with sophistication and flair.

    Operatic arias:

    Add a touch of drama and romance to your event with operatic arias from famous operas.

    Symphonic arrangements of popular songs:

    Upon request, we can also create custom symphonic arrangements of your favourite popular songs, making them even more special for your event.


    Options that Sweetheart Music offer in Perth


  • Choose from enchanting duos such as Flute & Cello, Violin & Cello, Flute & Guitar, and Flute & Harp.

  • Trios

  • Elevate your event with our mesmerising trios, including String Trio and Flute & String Trio.

  • Quartets

  • Experience the richness of our String Quartet and Flute & String Quartet ensembles, adding a full-bodied musical dimension to your occasion.

  • Soloists

  • Our skilled soloists are proficient in instruments like Cello, Violin, Guitar, Harp, and Flute, providing intimate and soulful performances.

  • Free Consultation

    No matter what your musical taste, we can create the perfect symphonic and operatic arrangements to make your event truly memorable.

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    Learn more about our services or pricing and to book your event. We provide a free consultation.

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